Relational Awareness Practice – Lindsay Sworski & Kim Nelson


Move and be moved along the continuum of creative impulse between self and other, inner to outer awareness. This laboratory/workshop draws from the essence of Authentic Movement to practice and strengthen subjectivity. Subjectivity is explored in Authentic Movement through deep inner listening and cultivating patience in waiting to follow an impulse to move or open to being moved. It is from this state of awareness that we surrender to what we think we need to get out of the relationship and drop into the gift of nuanced complexity of being in relationship. As in the form of Authentic Movement, one will be asked to track their experience as closely as possible. It is through this tracking of physical, sensory, emotional, cognitive and spiritual experience that we are deeply practicing mindfulness of relationship and engaging our subjectivities in that experience of tracking. After the moving period, movers will come together to share their experience of being a subject in relationship. Movers will be encouraged to track and speak as clearly as they can only of their experience in the movement, whether in solo practice or in relationship with other movers. It is this practice of speaking from “I” statements and speaking of only knowing one’s own experience that helps to cultivate a sense of linkage of experience among differentiation of selves(Siegel).

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