Deepening the Dance – Lindsay Sworski & Kim Nelson


Please join us as we explore the magic chemistry of Contact Improvisation and Authentic Movement. In this workshop we will track between inner and outer, self and other, body and soul – as we open to the dance that dances us! Here we will explore making love with impermanence, physically embodying the unknown, letting go of what we think Contact Improvisation looks like, what we think should happen, and who we think we are. Transcending its classification as a sport or an art, we invite you to enter CI as an awareness practice in relationship, a way to live. Join us beyond objectification, where dancers become living subjects, pulsing with awareness, filled with volition, articulating their wisdom, and having the time of their lives.

We will imbue CI with with essential elements of Authentic Movement: ritual space, cultivation of inward presence, listening and waiting for our inner impulses, clear tracking and articulation of our experience in the dance, and opening to seeing/sensing the other, just as they see and sense us. This workshop is great for CI beginners navigating how to stay connected to their truth in the wilderness of a CI jam, and perfect for experienced dancers who are longing to bring their full human selves into their dance.

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