Lindsay Sworski

Lindsay Sworski (United States) loves: waking up to her true nature, causing important trouble, spelunking in the dark caverns of the unconscious, and returning with gems of living wisdom. She is an avid contact improviser, authentic mover, massage therapist, somatic counselor, and spiritual practitioner. After years of studying/teaching these forms separately, she is excited to bring them together, birthing new integrative practices that support radical human realness, and nourishing human connection.

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She is one of the Core organizing members of the thriving Boulder Contact Lab, where she facilitates community growth and depth in dancing, and co-authored the lab “Guidelines”, intended to bring more consciousness to the shadow aspects of CI (recently featured in Contact Quarterly.) She danced and studied for many years with the Lower Left Performance Collective community, has practiced Authentic Movement in various places in various ways, and makes most of her money loving people for a living, as a bodyworker. She is currently a student of the Hakomi method of experiential psychotherapy, and the Diamond Approach to inner realization.

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