About Touch & Play

Contact Improvisation from its conception in the early seventies focuses largely on the physical body and its relationships to other bodies and the space around it. Emphasis on the object-body in our practice helps us create a physically and emotionally safe place from where we can learn and investigate this form. As the dance evolved a discourse was developed which, in reflecting the focus on the physical, is dominated by concepts such as; rolling point, common axis, momentum, weight sharing and dynamic equilibrium. As we learn to dance contact this vocabulary is slowly incorporated into our bodies. Comparable to spoken language, as our fluency increases less of our consciousness is needed to carry on a conversation. This allows our attention to shift and for us to concentrate on our movement- and touch-intentions. In this expansion of our mindfulness we move beyond our physicality and into our chemical body. What am I conveying to my dance partner and why? In this intricate realm of body and mind communication the sharing of a gram of weight or the brushing of shoulders can become filled with meaning. Meaning that cannot be deduced through physics alone. Where and when does the mere sensation of my skin and bones interacting with another human being turn into something more than just touch or weight? How do proprioceptic sensations turn into emotions and those in turn transform into memories, desires and fantasies?  Finally how can awareness of our alchemical body influence and enrich our dances, our communities and our lives? You are kindly invited to join the Touch&Play project and help us explore these and more questions on integrating the sensual, emotional and intellectual bodies with our physical one.

“Contact Improvisation is the beauty of natural movement combined with complete communication.”
Curt Siddall, in Contact Quarterly, vol III, no 1.

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