Why us

Because we are curious, because we like to touch and be touched and because we like to play and be played with. The creators and teachers at this festival are all individuals who have been actively investigating aspects of the Physical and Chemical nature of our existence and many have extensive experience with CI either as teachers, performers or practitioners.

Inspiration reading:

Still curious what brought us to our current research questions, to see what has gone before and to read what others have to say on the subject of CI & Chemistry? Here below is a list texts and websites and books that have inspired and influenced us both us in the creation of the Touch&Play project and in the organization of this festival.

Please help us by providing extra material you feel is relevant to the T&P’s line of investigation and could enrich the lives of those visiting this page. (Please use comments box below or write to info@2010.touchandplay.org)

Und die sexualität? contactimprovisation und sexualität (Jörg Christoffel)


Sexualität und Kontaktimprovisation (interview with Dieter Heitkamp by Melany Suchy, 2007)

More Out Then In (848 Community space, San Francisco CA contact Keith Hennessey for details)
CQ vol. 21:1, Winter/Spring 1996
Taking the Glove Without the Hand (Mary Fulkerson)
Lori b & Steve Paxton Interview each other about sex and Contact Improvisation

Deep Play (Diane Ackerman, 1999. ISBN: 0-679-44879-9)


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Poem by Jewel Mathieson

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