Experiencing Symbiosis as a Creative Source – Irmela Kästner

Lecture & Movement Experiment by Irmela Kästner

To explore creativity in symbiotic relationships we will investigate the development of creativity from the perspective of psychoanalytic theory and movement analysis.

The Structures in rhythms and flow of shapes within our touching bodies build the bridge between the state of symbiosis (where everything is one) and object relation (the relation to another body, to an object, to space). This is a very small but crucial step in developing our dance. As contact improvisation can often draw us back into the pleasures and perhaps fears of symbiosis it is worthwile to reflect on ist creative potential.

This research was started in a psychiatric day hospital in London where I worked as a dance therapist. Rather than focussing on its therapeutic potential I will take a more philosophical approach and open the work for artistic research.

My lecture will include practical exercises to initiate an experimental journey.

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