Authentic Eros – Jorgos Fokianos

Authentic Eros

We invite you to come and play in a group of erotic explorers. Open up the amazing potential that lives within your erotic self. Identify and cultivate the spark that stirs within you, trusting it to lead you to your erotic fire. Interrupt the patterns of habit, judgment, or comparison that block your sexual freedom. Practice surrender and spontaneity. Be real. Have fun. Step fearlessly into the ecstasy that lives inside your body and soul. Can you imagine that?

At Authentic Eros, we will use breath, touch, movement, sound and sensual experience as doorways into a freer and more fulfilling sexuality. We will work with the desires and growth of each man, emphasizing individual freedom of choice and accountability.

During an Authentic Eros retreat we will cultivate a particular state of Being in our bodies.

To get there we will increase:
play and possibility
presence and mindfulness
sensory awareness and embodiment skills
verbal and non-verbal communication
ability to balance wants and desires
allowing authentic and unpredictable flow
Resulting in more love.

We will at the same time decrease:
mental preoccupation
the need to know what’s next
the need to find refuge in habitual patterns
the need to classify and to objectify ourselves and others
the need to prove, perform, pretend or defend
the fear of rejection or of not being wanted
Resulting in less fear.

More love and less fear can be directly experienced in our bodies. It initiates a state we call EMBODIED BEING. “Embodiment” is our capacity to let our consciousness penetrate our bodies. “Being” is our ability to surrender to what arises from being present in our bodies.

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