Sustainable Touch and Playful Compensation

The Touch&Play Festival creation team is a big fan of mother earth. We believe in the Native Americans’ idea that we have not inherited this world from our ancestors but are merely borrowing it from our grandchildren. To make sure they will also be able to lead touching and playful lives we are adopting the following strategies.

Under the motto “The greenest kind of energy is the one you don’t use” we would again like to encourage everyone to take into consideration the earth’s limited natural resources and its changing climate when choosing their means of transport to reach the festival.

Mamen Agüera Perez who is in charge of the Bar at the festival has been encouraged to concentrate her selection of offerings on local, whole and in season foods. After personal travel the food we consume is usually the second biggest contributor to our carbon footprint. By focussing on locally grown or produced products the energy consumption involved in the getting the items into your stomach is greatly reduced.

Drinking: Berlin provides high quality drinking water throughout the city and participants are thus encouraged to minimize the purchase of bottled water. Not only is the use of oil to create the plastic bottle a waste the transport of the water from places as far away as Fiji is also highly unsustainable. We will ask participants to bring a reusable cup or bottle to the festival for refilling at any of the available taps.
Washing: Showering space at the festival is limited and heating water is a very energy intensive activity. Every shower will be equipped with an hourglass so that participants can independently ration their time using these facilities.

Schwelle7 adheres to a strict No Garbage Policy and the Touch&Play Festival is happy to follow its leaf. This means that you are encouraged to bring only reusable / non-disposable products with you to the event and if you do bring waste that it is your responsibility to take it away. Practically this means there will be no waste receptacles of any sort provided on the premises. Bathroom facilities will be equipped with cloth towels. You will need to hold on to your water bottle to reuse it throughout the festival.

Carbon Offsetting:
The Creation Team is committed to calculate and compensate the amount of CO2 that was emitted through the organization and realization of the Touch&Play Festival. In order to do this upon registration you will be asked to indicate where you have travelled from to reach Berlin and your mode of transport. Estimates will be made for the food and energy that was consumed during the festival and a rough total tonnage of carbon dioxide emitted will be calculated. An average price per ton of CO2 will be decided with help of the internet and a monetary compensation amount will be determined. The choice of and type of project to donate the sum too is open for debate. Please let us know through the comment box below if you have any suggestions or opinions on the matter. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of carbon offsetting we invite you to take a moment to inform yourself by visiting the Wikipedia page on the subject.

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