Going into details, different directions and extremes – Dieter Heitkamp and Norbert Pape

Communication through touch is a fundamental element in Contact Improvisation (CI). Letting oneself be touched can be a playful, adventurous journey into risky territory –  not necessarily breathtaking acrobatics, but who knows?

Dieter and Norbert 1 small

Not knowing as an option. When do you say “NO”, set a boundary?

Multi-directionality – How direct can you be?

Going into details, different directions and extremes: small/ big, slow/fast, hard/soft, active/passive, silent/loud, …..

Dieter Heitkamp and Norbert Pape will be co-teaching this workshop.

During the last years they have been exploring the use of the senses in “Moving from the skin” and “The school of sensitivity”. Other areas of their research are the relation between “dancing and writing“ and “the politics of dancing”.

Dieter and Norbert 2 small

Dancing CI you get to places and into situations, where you can only be because of the support, the presence of and the exchange with a partner.

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