Anikó Zsófia Überhardt

I have been fascinated with the human psyche, wholeness of the body, spirit and mind as long as I can remember. I have always wondered how and why we operate and act the way we do, and what motivates these actions… It was these fascinations that brought me, at the age of 18, to become a nursery teacher and to study human physiology and behaviour. Later as a naturopath, studying kinesiology, astrology and psychology, I dug deeper into human motivations, the prints and patterns we inherit from our ancestors, patterns learnt from our parents and experiences gathered later in our lives. Ten years ago I started studying Polynesian healing mastering a number of different techniques: MA-URI, Lomi Lomi Nui and Kahi Loa massage and bodywork and the Hawaiian healing method, HUNA. This year a beautiful dream of mine will be fulfilled when I travel to Hawaii to improve my Lomi Lomi Nui massage and bodywork technique studying with Kumu Lomilomi Nerita, daughter of the famous Kahuna Lomilomi Auntie Margaret Machado.

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Massage and bodywork, contact improvisation, yoga, sensual play and BDSM all have taught me presence, attention, awareness and how to expand my senses and boundaries to the maximum. They have given me the key to the most important secret – how to live a happy and balanced life in love and freedom. I have been active as a naturopath and massage therapist since 1998, helping people find their way back to their core, become aware and expand their boundaries, so that they can find more freedom in their everyday lives. According to my motto, a good massage is 90% ALOHA and 10% technique….

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