Re discovering relationships deep within civilization – Angela Doniy

Training research of contact improvisation
(For experienced participants)
The basic material for these classes will be working with deep bodywork and developmental movement patterns focusing on the hips and shoulders with a partner.

Angela Doniy 1 (Hannah Pihko, Earth Dance 2009)

Observing my dance I discover my endless curiosity for spirals in movement, and my aspiration to be light, to fly. I have recovered my childhood habits of creating relations with other people, such as trust, sincerity, openness and healthy selfishness. I am very interested in keeping my dance vivid and live and, of course, to keep human touch in it. We will use parent -child patterns to look for the natural instinctual reactions, embedded in the body, to support somebody and to be lifted. We will build up the sense of structural support through the skeleton in order to be able to take physical risks. I wish to reach unusual places by entering unknown trails in our dance, meet our limitations, and to find safe ways to go beyond our boundaries, in solo, with a partner and the group.

Angela Doniy 2 (Hannah Pihko, Earth Dance 2009)

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