Below you will find all the practical information you could possibly need to decide and come join this innovative and enriching CI event.

“I would go further and say that the physical side of the art is itself limited by the suppression of awareness of intimacy and that advancing physical awareness requires an awareness of the physical relationship to underlying instincts and reflexes of intimacy”
Karl Frost, September 2009

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  • Sleeping

    Are both our basic accommodation and the private rooms are now full.
    Please attempt to find a place yourself or contact us to see if we can offer you lodging with one of the local participants.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Are you coming from outside of Berlin or just looking for a total immersion experience? This is the …
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  • Travel

    Living in Ibiza or Prenzlauerberg and don’t know how to get to the festival? Here’s where we provide you with all the best travelling tips to get safely, cheaply and eco-consciously to and from our T&P event.

    By car:
    If you are planning to come to Berlin by car and have an empty place available please consider …
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  • Google Map

    Find your way to Schwelle7 in Berlin, and get directions from wherever you happen to be.

  • Eating

    We have found a great solution to make sure all festival participants can have a tasty and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner at a very reasonable price.

    We are cooperating with Uferlos a small family owned restaurant and pub just around the corner from the festival venue. Carlos, the owner, has agreed to cook lunch and …
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  • Costs

    Prices for the festival are as follows:

    Early registration (until February 15th): 130,-

    Normal registration (until March 31st): 150,-

    Late registration (until April 26th): 170,-

    At the door registration: 180,-

    Entrance Sunday night Touch&Play Party (included in registration): 15,-

    Entrance Thursday night Jam (included in registration): 5,-

    Motivated participants that have difficulty meeting the above mentioned costs can contact us ( We …
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  • Sustainable Touch and Playful Compensation

    The Touch&Play Festival creation team is a big fan of mother earth. We believe in the Native Americans’ idea that we have not inherited this world from our ancestors but are merely borrowing it from our grandchildren. To make sure they will also be able to lead touching and playful lives we are adopting the …
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  • Registration

    Due to the enormous response to the first Touch&Play Festival, we regret to announce we have had to close registrations.

    The Registration Form is currently only open for confirmed guests and teachers who have not yet filled in an online form.

    Thank you for your interest.

    To make an inscription, please fill in this online registration form and …
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  • Contact

    We want to make this event as community oriented as possible and thus encourage you to contact us with feedback, suggestion or questions of any type.

    General enquiries: email Daniel Hayes at

    Registration related issues: email delta RA’i at

    PR related issues: email Jan Boeschoten at

    Website related issues: email Frances d’Ath c/-

    Schwelle7: Uferstrasse …
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