Are both our basic accommodation and the private rooms are now full.
Please attempt to find a place yourself or contact us to see if we can offer you lodging with one of the local participants.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Are you coming from outside of Berlin or just looking for a total immersion experience? This is the place to find out about our sleeping arrangements before, during and after the festival. We offer different types of accommodation for the festival. The Basic one is included in the registration price for the others additional costs might apply.

A warm carpeted common space is provided where participants can roll out their own sleeping mats and sleeping bags free of charge. Limited shower and toilet facilities are available and use of them will need to be kept to an essential minimum in harmony with a respect for our natural resources. This space is available from Thursday through Sunday night. If you would like to use this option but are arriving or leaving a day or two before or after the festival please contact us and we can make arrangements for you.

Private rooms:
Need more privacy and don’t mind paying a bit extra? There are conveniently located private rooms available in the Schwelle7 building. Rooms are rented per night (from €22,50 to €25,-). Room rental is separate from the festival. Please visit for more information. Rooms are limited in number book in a timely manner to guarantee your needs can be met. Rooms can be rented outside of the festival days as well.

Other Alternatives:
Still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Here are a few more cheap alternatives that could make your festival into an interesting experience and also help you get a nice and warm bed at night.

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