Reka Balogh

As art historian in Hungary, I research how sculptors can capture and interpret movement or, for example, cast a moment in bronze. I work with the representation of dance in the fine arts. I’m extremely interested in the connection between dancer and sculptor and am currently focusing on the relationship between creator and receiver. What does the same movement mean for two artists of differing media?

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As a curious human being, I came to realize that no thinking is good. So good. It’s presence… I started to seek these situations. It could be a European Union multicultural project, a contact festival or a workshop, a free dance, a jam, any kind of improvisation, meditation, or massage. Allow the moment to BE and flow. These are the most important things. I strive for them.

Connected through Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Nui massage, I am able to be fully present for hours. It’s beautiful. I’m a channel and my only mission is to let it happen.

Because I’m sure that Wonders happen…

“I seek but what belongs to me in truth…
I would let the door behind this world open for me…”
“Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.”
(Course in Miracles)

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