We have found a great solution to make sure all festival participants can have a tasty and nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner at a very reasonable price.

We are cooperating with Uferlos a small family owned restaurant and pub just around the corner from the festival venue. Carlos, the owner, has agreed to cook lunch and dinner for us. Breakfast will be provided by Mamen in Schwelle7 itself.

Uferlos 1

Uferlos will provide a different menu each day consisting of one vegetarian option and one fish/meat containing option. Lunch and dinner cost €5,- each and can be bought online when you register. Breakfast costs €3,- and will consist of an open buffet containing: croissants, toast a variety of toppings, cereal with fruit and coffee and tea.

Meal plans should be ordered online when registering.

There are two options:

1) lunch and dinner only (including Thursday evening, excluding Monday afternoon) 7 X €5,- = €35,- 2) breakfast, lunch and dinner (Monday morning brunch included) €35,- + 4 X €3,- = €47,-

Uferlos 2

There is also an open bar at Schwelle7 offering drinks and snacks. The bar is being organized and run by Mamen and will be open throughout the festival. Products will be on sale for a modest price and contribute to the Schwelle7 dance studio.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to write an email to Daniel (

Uferlos 3

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