Video Documentation – Andrea Keiz

We have invited Andrea Keiz to come and video document this first edition of the Touch&Play Festival. Through her camera she will attempt to capture the essence of the content and energy we create leaving behind a record for those wishing to continue investigating the human chemsitry in Contact Improvisation.

Andrea Keiz small

Biography Andrea Keiz

While finishing her biology studies in Göttingen Andrea started an education as a dance improvisation teacher. Through this she became involved in Contact and other improvisational work, release based techniques and bodywork. After a number of years working in different constellations and in various countries, she started investigating video as a tool to relate to movement. Constantly building on her knowledge of contact Improvisation in 1995 she moved to Berlin. Since 2000, in addition to her continued stage work, she has been video documenting contemporary dance as well as recording festivals and doing video work in performances.

‘How to use video as a media to transport more of a dance then simply the reproduction of an image’ is for her a constant arising question.

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