Improvising Contact, Queering Intimacy – Keith Hennessy

Dancing with bodies while dancing with questions of improvisation, intimacy, social habits (hegemony), and liberation. Is it true that no one is free unless we’re all free? In this workshop, Queer is a perspective not an identity, an action verb not a static noun, a process not a utopia. Queering intimacy is an invitation to reconsider how two humans (or more) can increase the freedom potential of improvised dancing. We will study (while dancing!) the radical invitation of early Contact Improvisation: to enter a spontaneous, co-created, non-hierarchical and non-gendered encounter with another body. We will attempt to queer the imagined, unstated, assumed, and institutionalized rules of our dancing. We will research dancing in a post-contact laboratory where intimacy (the feeling of closeness and mutual solidarity) is prioritized over other kinds of spectacle and performance.

These classes will improvise with the influences of experimental theatre, feminism, sexual liberation, LGBT/queer activism, contemporary dance, body art, critical race studies, child’s play, punk, relational aesthetics, and cross-cultural shamanism. And mostly we will dance, improvising with touch, weight, non-touch, presence, distance, and the world around us.

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